To Do

Sign up for ACT and SAT, because I know I can do better than a freakin’ 1830.

Fix Money Network/PayCard account.

Finish Calendar for August.

Go shopping for school clothes.


Work on BF Project.

Finish application for Mu Eta Sigma.

Make some milestones on college apps.

Schedule visit to St. Edwards and Concordia.

Schedule department visit with A&M’s college of Education.

Grocery Shopping.

Practice TMEA music, focusing on Coronation Mass: Kyrie & Gloria.

Go to the bank.

Send check to choir director.

It’s 4 ‘o clock already. Where does the time go? How has my summer slipped away?

(EDIT: I’ll be continually crossing my list off as I proceed to get myself together! I’ll hopefully be through with most items by the end of the week)

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